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For Steph.

I wrote this in your ass-box, and I just thought, ‘What the Hell, I’ll dedicate this to you.’


'Where are we going?'

'No where,' grins his best friend. 'Dean, that's illogical, you always have to go somewhere.'

'Who says?'


'But I'm not everyone, right?'

Cas thinks about this for a second. And grips his friend’s hand tighter, letting him swing their enjoined hands back and forth in the summer light.

'You're not.'

'Thought so,' says Dean, rather smugly, and Cas rolls his eyes, but smiles all the same. Dean tugs his hand and pulls him from the dirt path, across grass until they reach the edge of a hill, looming over a vast meadow full of flowers, purple and blue.

'Do you trust me?'

'Of course.' There is no other answer really, and Cas allows Dean to let go of his hand, to watch him wrap warm arms around his waist. 'Shut your eyes.' Blackness swallows all the light, and Cas feels his little heart hammering, before he feels wind rushing against his face, and the sensation of falling.

They roll, and tumble down the hill, giggling and spluttering, landing in a pile in a flurry of flower petals. They’re laughing so hard that they’re stomachs hurt, and as Cas wipes away stray tears from his eyes, Dean leans over and hugs him tight.

'What's this for?' whispers Cas, into the dark curls of Dean's hair.

'For trusting me.'

'I'll always trust you, Dean. You're my best friend.' Dean softly smiles, and entwines their fingers together, splaying them on his chest.

'Best friends…' He whispers, and it's a quiet statement, full of simple joy.

'For forever?'

Cas grips Dean’s fingers tighter, and looks to the endless, blue sky above. I hope we’ll be together forever. If it were dark, he would have wished upon a star, and watched it shoot across the sky, bright and beautiful, hoping that his tiny, sweet wish, for their hands to be clasped tight for as long as he would be, would come true.

He turns to stare into happy green eyes, that shine under the light of the warm sun, and suddenly has the urge to touch Dean’s blushing cheek so close to his own. He leans forward instead, slowly, carefully, and lets his forehead touch Dean’s just so. A gentle smile graces his lips.

I know it will come true.



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